Download Zipped List Items Feature

Project Description
This Custom UI Actions for Sharepoint extends the lists action menu to allow users to zip document library items and download all of them either with or without version

  • Download all document library items
  • Keep the folder hierarchy
  • Versions: if you are caring about document versions you can download them as well
  • Ability to download only the selected view items instead of all list items

The new menu added to the sharepoint document library actions menu
After clicking over the menu item

the compressed file downloaded

the compressed file downloaded with the files versions

Known Issues
  • Arabic file names: arabic file names are not downloaded correctly
  • The tool uses the system temporary directory to export the list items and compress it, so you need to watch this folder and manage a clean up mechanism

Thank you
  • The Compression library i've used to compress the list items is SharpZipLib
  • also used a code sample posted on Peter Bromberg blog to compress the entire folder, Thank you Peter :) the post and code sample where great.

Mohamed Zaki
MVP Sharepoint

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